TERA Systems for Radon Concentration Measurement

TERA are continuous monitors of radon gas concentrations designed to electronically measure and evaluate radon volume activity (RVA). The systemy record concentration changes in long term and store the acquired data in internal memory for download to the PC. Hence, the systems offer an extensive and flexible monitoring network solution.

The TERA measuring systems provide a cost effective solution with zero long-term operation cost compared to low-end measuring devices and with convenient data functionalities of high-end devices.


TSR3 Wireless and USB Radon Probe (TSR3D version with display)

Thanks to its independent accumulator power, the portable radon measuring probe supports flexible placing options within monitored structures. The accumulator will last for more than 1 year without charging. The probe enables fully autonomous measurement of radon volume activity. The measured values can be downloaded continuously during the measurement or at once after the measurement run completion. Data from the radon probe can be downloaded to a PC directly via USB interface or wirelessly via antenna and a Central Unit. The Central Unit supports simultaneous data downloads from up to 16 probes. The measured data are downloaded and processed using PC applications. The PC applications also serve for measuring system setup and configuration. The probe can be switched on/off by switch. LEDs indicate current status of probe. Display shows current results (TSR3D). Learn more...


IP Radon Probe TSRE1

Probe configuration, data viewing and downloading from probe is possible to realize by connected PC (notebook, tablet, smartphone) with installed some internet browser. PC can be connected with probe by cable (UTP cable) or wirelessly (Wi-Fi). PC can be connected with probe directly or via LAN, WLAN networks or via INTERNET network. Measured results are saved into internal memory of probe during up to 2 years. Saved data in memory is possible to export to files with extension .CSV, .HTML and .TAB for further processing.. Due to demand of permanent power supply via power adapter 230VAC/5VDC or via PoE the radon probe is mainly determinate for fixed installation and long term monitoring of radon. Learn more...


Radon Sensors TSRS (UART, RS485 - MODBUS)

Intelligent detectors of radon concentration with simple serial interfaces UART, RS485 for easy implemention into third party system. Suitable for integration into smart buildings, industrial systems and systems of air quality. Connection of probe is always by 4 – wires, 2 wires are for serial bus and 2 wires for DC powering. Coupled with sensors are delivered descriptions of serial interfaces and protocols. Current values of radon concentration, temperature and humidity are possible to read from sensors. Also is possible to download time´s records of radon concentration and energy spectrum from sensor internal memory. Learn more...


Radim 3A

In 2017 the TESLA company took over know-how from Jiri Plch – SMM and became manufacturer and seller of precize continuos monitor of radon concentration with marking RADIM 3A. This czech legendary measuring instrument is the result of longtime expirience and development. It is measuring instrument with large volume measuring chamber and with very sensitive photodetector. Though use of PC and application is possible to show measured data in graph and export it for another data processing. Simultaneously TESLA became service department for existing series of RADIM measuring instruments. We also offer upgrade of older instruments to newest type. Our goal is inovation of product with modern access technology. Více informací ...

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Wireless Radon Soil Probe

Similar to TSR3 Wireless and USB Radon Probe plus the Radon Soil Probe is adapted for insertion into a bore hole of minimum diameter 50mm and for increased humidity. One probe chamber is filled with silica gel that needs to be replaced after 6 weeks of operation in damp soil. The battery will last for up to 1 year ensuring autonomous operation of the probe within the bore. Once the probe is removed from the bore, the recorded and stored data can be wirelessly transferred using the mobile Central Unit. The TSRP1 Radon Soil Probe is designed to continually measure radon volume activity in soil. Soil radon concentration changes may precede certain behaviour of Earth's crust and various elements in the bedrock. For example, long-term monitoring of the soil gas radon concentration can be used to predict seismic activity or earthquakes.
Dimensions: 50x216mm


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