TERA System for Regulating Radon Concentrations in Buildings

The TERA systems allow measuring and regulating radon concentration in residential spaces. Radon measuring probes distributed in a building transmit the current radon concentration values to the actuator. If the set values are exceeded, the actuator will switch the air-conditioning unit (fan) and ensures that the contaminated spaces will be vented. The TERA regulating systems represent cheap and energy-saving nondestructive solution of monitoring and curative anti-radon action not only for existing buildings.


TERA Wireless Regulating System

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Radon measuring probes located in building transmit their current radon concentration values to Central Unit wirelessly. Central Unit analyzes this information and on the basis of measured (set) concentration level value it sends command to actuator (wireless actuator or actuator in central unit can be use) which is hardwired with power relay. Power relay switches on a fan which decreases radon concentration within an area. After decreasing of radon concentration, actuator receives command to switch off fan. This cycle repeats depending on increasing or decreasing volume activity of radon in building. If the radio signal strength between individual elements is insufficient, a repeater must be used to extend the signal. Learn more...


TERA IP Regulation System

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IP radon probes located in building measure current value of radon concentration. Particular probe sends this values over cabel or over Wi-Fi into central server which analyzes crossing radon limit and manages switching of climatic equipments in building, or probe sends command into IP actuator directly and ensures that the contaminated spaces will be vented. Learn more...



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