Military Microwave Links

Tesla (JSC), has gained a firm position in the field of special radio-communications as a supplier of communication equipment for military stationary and mobile tactical networks. The main commodities are the production of radio-relay equipment for creating microwave links.

For all products we ensure link planning, installation, maintenance and technical support up to development level. We are able to modify our product according to specific requirements of customers.

RR 4702 (DATEL)

High capacity LOS radio relay based on software configuration core for building of higher organizational levels in mobile tactical networks HCLOS PTP in 4,4 - 5 Ghz band (NATO IV) with transmission capacity up to 320 Mbit/s. Dispose of standart interfaces E1 and Ethernet 10/100/1000 BASE-T. Easy software setup of various modulation (QPSK ÷ 256 QAM) and channel bandwith (7 MHz ÷ 56 MHz). Supports of algorithms APC, ACM, FEC. Local control over PC. IP management over SNMP and Webserver. RR4702 meets strict condition for EMC and mechanical ruggedness – is designed for extreme climatic conditions.

TESlink 27

TESlink 27

High capacity stacionary PTP radio-relay with transmission capacity up to 320 Mbs for non-civil use in dedicated NATO military frequency range 26,5 ÷ 27,5 GHz. Data transmission of gigabit Ethernet over distance up to 10 km.

Suitable for transmission of high capacity data over larger military areas and airports or for last mile (side line) to backbone military nets. Band 27 Ghz provides new military channels in the place with lack of operational channels.


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